Werewolf Stories: Shape-Shifters, Lycanthropes, and Man-Beasts (The Real Unexplained! Collection)

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Werewolves are commonly perceived as the creation of authors and screenwriters. The idea of a man or woman shapeshifting into a fierce and possibly murderous cryptid has entertained or scared many through movies such as The Howling, The Wolfman, and Teen Wolf. However, in certain cultures, the idea of werewolves or similar lupine-like creatures holds a firm grip.

In Werewolf Stories, the possibility of various lycanthropes or humans exhibiting wolf-like behavior is witnessed throughout areas of the world. The “Beast of Bray Road” menaces a variety of eyewitnesses in Wisconsin while the “Dogman” of Ohio unsettles a variety of citizens. Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren factor into a story or two about exorcisms and the afflicted loup-garou. The subjects range from random and unnerving encounters to documented killings, and disturbances in the night that often can’t be explained.

Werewolf Stories</em< is the latest compilation of stories and research by intrepid researcher Nick Redfern (Time Travel: The Science and Science Fiction), along with research contributed by the late Brad Steiger. The accounts and anecdotes assembled for this book are entertaining, intriguing, and downright terrifying. This is another excellent offering from the prolific Redfern.

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Author Nick Redfern, Brad Steiger
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 416 pages
Publisher Visible Ink Press
Publish Date 12-Sep-2023
ISBN 9781578597666 Buy this Book
Issue September 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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