These Things Happen: A Novel

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Daniel Zimmer and his brothers endured a tumultuous upbringing that left a lasting impact on their lives. Witnessing their father’s emotional abuse toward their mother and his controlling behavior created a miserable environment for the children. Their father’s narcissistic tendencies and lack of involvement further exacerbated their struggles. Although their parents likely loved them, they struggled to express it effectively.

Daniel, a talented trumpet player, harbored dreams of becoming a professional and renowned musician. However, his father, much like he did with his older brother Max, discouraged him from pursuing his aspirations. As the years passed, Daniel found himself battling alcoholism and trapped in a toxic relationship. Meanwhile, Max’s frustration led him to attempt suicide. The influence and control their father exerted over them nearly destroyed their futures, leading to a deep-seated resentment toward him.

To overcome his addiction, Daniel joined Alcoholics Anonymous with his girlfriend, Jill. One day, he unexpectedly crossed paths with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Brie. Despite her asthma, Brie had pursued her dream of becoming a trumpeter. Their relationship had faltered in the past due to Daniel’s alcoholism. Both brothers carried the weight of their past grievances, hindering their recovery.

With Max teetering on the edge of despair once again, Daniel rekindles his relationship with Brie after a significant fallout with Jill. Will their renewed connection withstand the challenges they face?

This book delves into the profound impact of childhood trauma on one’s future. The Zimmers, victims of their father’s abhorrent behavior, lived in constant fear and were coerced into actions they despised. It is disheartening to witness a parent treat their family in such a manner. The main character, Daniel, is deeply flawed, struggling to assert himself and prone to emotional outbursts. However, his battle with alcoholism evokes a sense of empathy. My favorite character is Brie, a kind-hearted individual who faced adversity due to her health condition. Despite her struggles, her unwavering faith in God remained steadfast.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed about this book is its ability to evoke emotional responses from readers. The story immerses you in the characters’ journeys, making you feel like an integral part of their lives. Additionally, the author skillfully weaves together past and present events, enhancing the book’s intrigue and maintaining a seamless plot. The characterization, storytelling, plot development, and underlying themes are all exceptionally well executed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading These Things Happen by Michael Eon, and I believe it will resonate with anyone who appreciates modern fiction.

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Author Michael Eon
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 273 pages
Publisher Girl Friday Books
Publish Date 19-Sep-2023
ISBN 9781959411161 Buy this Book
Issue October 2023
Category Popular Fiction


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