Yellow Birds: A Novel

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Freshly graduated, Kait embarks on a journey of self-discovery. She travels cross-country in a beat-up van with strangers who become her closest friends, understanding her on a deeper level, at least compared to those she’s leaving behind. These and others who share their love for the band The Open Road are known as Yellow Birds. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they unite by a common theme: they are all running away from something.

As they follow The Open Road, Kait befriends Eartha, Vivi, Easy, JuJube, and Skate, becoming devoted fans of the band. But everything changes when Kait meets Horizon. Their relationship is indescribable, yet the lessons they learn together on tour change Kait’s life forever. She learns to see beyond judgments and embrace the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of herself and others. If something is to happen, it will happen regardless of the timeline – a difficult concept for many.

Yellow Birds is an emotional and beautifully written story. The author, Green, has a special place in her heart for “yellow birds,” it shows in the precision with which she describes the character’s inner and outer experiences on tour. The story is a delight for any reader; however, the content is mature through many references to sex (not overly graphic, described more as a form of expression), drugs and overdoses, language, and negative relationships related to mental health and cults. The characters take these experiences and grow, alter, and morph into authentic selves through every direct and indirect event. Shown are many difficult conversations, highlighting the importance and benefits of communication with those you care about.

Yellow Birds is a drama that explores the coming-of-age experiences of Kait and the profound impact on other characters. Themes of friendship, loyalty, being true to self, and self-discovery go in depth. The story is realistic and authentic, referencing actual events and situations that occur in daily life. The emotions portrayed in the story are necessary and genuine, without any hint of shame. It is a refreshing departure from the sugarcoated literature and real-life situations we often encounter.

Because any reader can insert themselves in the place of Kait, Yellow Birds is personal, reflective, and a remembrance for all readers. Because no one’s life is perfect, with some situations being more severe than others, Kait’s initial and end ways of coping are lessons for readers in the text and out. Yellow Birds will alter your perception of everything; it is well worth the read.

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Author Karen Green
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 170 pages
Publish Date 05-Mar-2024
ISBN 9781998206148 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Popular Fiction


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