Teaching Eddie to Fly (Katarina’s Small Wonders)

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In Teaching Eddie to Fly, a bear named Arthur realizes his friend, an ostrich named Eddie, doesn’t know how to fly. Arthur immediately sets out to remedy this problem by offering to teach his friend. At first, Arthur tries books and lectures, but that doesn’t suit Eddie, who buries his head in the sand. Next, Arthur devices several zany attempts, which include a hot air balloon and stilts, to help Eddie, who is adorably adorned in a crash helmet and knee pads. All fail.

After a last attempt, Eddie offers Arthur a ride on their long walk home. As they walk, Eddie’s speed increases until he’s walking as other birds fly! Together they realize that Eddie doesn’t need to fly! Instead, Arthur decides Eddie needs to learn to swim.

Katarina Macurova has written a truly funny picture book. No doubt, children will laugh will laugh out loud at Arthur’s crazy schemes as depicted in Macurova’s delightful illustrations. Just as importantly, little listeners will receive a valuable lesson about finding one’s own strengths, although they may not be expected ones.

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Author Katarina Macurova
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Albatross Media
Publish Date 16-Apr-2024
ISBN 9788000070773 Buy this Book
Issue June 2024
Category Children's


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