Sometimes I Am Furious

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Young children often struggle understanding and vocalizing safely the emotions they are experiencing. As adults, we have learned how to express our emotions in non-destructive ways—hopefully—but children need to learn about the emotions they are feeling and how to vocalize them.

This book helps with understanding what happens when someone is furious about something they were expecting. Whether it is things become unfair, not going your way, your favorite dessert is out or any of life’s little frustrations all boiling over. Young children often do not understand when they are young that they will not always get everything they want in life and that things can run out or even not go their way.

The prose is designed for parents or guardians to read to the children with them following along. The use of furious is imaginative and helps to emphasize the emotion the child is feeling. The artwork is not the greatest but it gets the job done. Overall, it has an excellent message and is fairly easy to follow along.

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Author Timothy Knapman, Joe Berger
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Penguin Young Readers Group
Publish Date 06-Jun-2023
ISBN 9780593521052 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Children's


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