Late Bloomer

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Having never read a Mazey Eddings romance before, and hearing quite a bit about her top-tier character development and deliciously juicy plotlines, I was very excited to dive into Late Bloomer. Opal Devlin has just won the lottery, and after drifting in and out of disappointing jobs and one-sided friendships, she’s decided it’s just the push she needs to turn her life around.

Pepper Boden is struggling to make ends meet on the Thistle and Bloom flower farm after the death of her Grandma Lou, and the last thing she needs is a bubbly attractive stranger trying to uproot her from the very ground she’s desperately trying to cling to. But when Opal shows up at the farm, deed in hand, to start her artisanal shoe business, this pair will have to learn how to live (and grow) together if they want their happily ever after.

While I did love the neurodivergent representation, which is so incredibly rare in Sapphic romances, and the entire plotline revolving around forced proximity and a fantastically written grumpy sunshine dynamic, I felt that the chemistry between the two could’ve been fueled by more than constant misunderstandings. Overall, a wonderfully fun read!

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Author Mazey Eddings
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Press
Publish Date 16-Apr-2024
ISBN 9781250847089 Buy this Book
Issue April 2024
Category Romance


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