The Girl who Fell to Earth

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Aria has a secret mission to completely annihilate the human population of Earth. It has served for centuries as her planet’s shadow planet, used for experiments and observation. Terros is a great place, where no one suffers from disease or death, though she must never share that time or two when she was feeling ill, or that she may be half human.

She and her father land in Dublin, where they release the virus that will initiate the beginning of the end. However, Aria becomes sick, so her father returns alone to Terros to seek help. As Aria’s neighbors help her recover while her father is away, she realizes that what she knows about humans may be wrong, all wrong, and she has to stop the termination of the species at all costs.

Thought-provoking and fast-paced, this thrilling science fiction piece will challenge readers’ beliefs about what it is to be human and consider what our choices as a species say about us. Aria can be forgiven for some of her naive assumptions and choices as she is young and from a different planet and way of life. Twisted and layered, this is a riveting thriller.

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Author Patricia Forde
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Little Island
Publish Date 03-Oct-2023
ISBN 9781915071439 Buy this Book
Issue October 2023
Category Tweens


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