Pearls of Gold

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Pearls of Gold is a collection of poems with different sections such as Christmas, General, Humor, Prayers, and more. The poems celebrate the significance of Christmas, bringing back memories of time spent with family during the holidays. The poems, which are told in a story-like manner, are a reminder to embrace the beauty and chaos in the world. One of the poems that sparked my interest was the one titled Humility. The line goes,

“In the fear of the Lord

One finds humility;

Then simple, small doors

Open eternally!”.

It is something important to me and guides my actions. This poem is not just for reading; you have to meditate on it and try to practice some of the things she mentions, as they will improve your life. The book is filled with moral lessons and values that should guide every member of the society. The author preaches patience, humility, integrity, and faith. These are important things that make a person a well-rounded individual.

Another thing I liked about the poems is that they could suit any occasion. She touches on diverse topics, and you can easily pick one that resonates with you. Reading these poems aloud in a gathering is bound to gain attention. The humor section was one of my favorites, as the lighthearted jokes brought smiles to my face. I think the images added to the end of each chapter switched up the reading experience a lot. They are depictions of the stories told in each poem, and I found myself studying the details of these pictures. Verna’s poems are simple, to the point, and enlightening. The poems flowed effortlessly, as the words were well thought out and had a beautiful rhythm.

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Author Verna Hall Linzey
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 119 pages
Publisher James Linzey Publishers
Publish Date 11-Apr-2024
ISBN 9781936857517 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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