Pacific State

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Owen Resler loses interest in the corporate world after being fired unfairly from an AI-assisted job involving datasets. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, he has an opportunity to improve his dire situation when mercenary Mia Warsaw makes a dangerous but enticing offer. He must protect Mia and her two other allies who want to go after the son of one of the city’s most powerful men. Disco Volante, a con man, and his bodyguard, BB, are also on board for the perilous mission, which involves stopping a carbon offset entrepreneur from performing illegal graft and chip surgery on young women.

Do Mia Warsaw and her team have what it takes to overpower drones, organic-enhanced security, AI, and other formidable obstacles? Pacific State by Grant Price follows a fast-paced quest in a technologically sophisticated world to hunt down a merciless, well-protected killer.

If you’re looking for a way to picture yourself in a future, technologically advanced environment, look no further than Pacific State. Despite the fact that it is a futuristic novel, it is surprisingly easy to imagine, thanks to detailed descriptions that immerse you in the story. Additionally, the book leaves no room for boredom as it advances quickly and keeps the reader engaged with its intriguing world-building. For example, “glo-dolls” are commercialized for pleasure, and finding a place to unwind without having your chip implant scanned is a luxury.

Pacific State is rife with iconic, well-timed lines. One of my favorite statements is made after an attack: ‘I love what we’ve done with the place.” Also, I especially loved the book’s cast of engaging people. One such character is Johnny Seven, who is wanted for a heroic act that leads to his being court-martialed and escaping his punishers.

I didn’t enjoy all of the book’s features, as its fast pacing felt somewhat dizzying. Some facts or nuances appear to be omitted or are not substantial enough, such as Resler’s opinions on Mia’s proposal, which felt rushed. Generally, I wished to read more about the characters’ thoughts.

Nonetheless, the novel gets several things right. A remarkable, exciting experience is provided by its clever blending of realistically presented future concepts, rebellious characters, and spine-chilling action. It got my heart racing, my creativity stimulated, and my intellect completely engaged, much like seeing one of the movies from the Mission: Impossible and The Matrix series. If you enjoy futuristic, fast-paced sci-fi with fascinating technological details, this book is for you.

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Author Grant Price
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 322 pages
Publisher Black Rose Writing
Publish Date 21-Dec-2023
ISBN 9781685133 Buy this Book
Issue August 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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