Lights (Sheets)

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It’s been months since Marjorie Glatt found a group of ghosts in her laundromat. Wendell is a ghost that died from a drowning accident years ago, but he’s still curious about what he did before his life ended. With the help of Marjorie and her new friend Eliza Duncan, they uncover Wendell’s past life and find the truth that lies underneath. While all of Wendell’s memories are being revealed, Marjorie starts to wonder if her bullies can change. Will the three friends eventually find the light they’ve been searching for?

This was a really nice conclusion to Thummler’s Sheets series. The end of the book was both very sad and sweet. I couldn’t have asked for more, though I was a little curious about the other things Wendell did in his life besides his love for dance. The character designs are really cool, I like how all their facial features look unique to one another, and how some characters share similarities with their family members. As well as the previous books in the series, the color palette used is really beautiful. I look forward to the author’s next books!

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Author Brenna Thummler
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Oni Press
Publish Date 05-Sep-2023
ISBN 9781637152317 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Tweens


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