Heart of the Sun Warrior: A Novel (Celestial Kingdom, 2)

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Xingyin is doing everything she can to maintain a sliver of peace within the Kingdom, which is shaken following a mysterious and magical discovery. This leads to an upheaval in the Celestial Kingdom, one in which Xingyin has no intention of being involved until she has no choice but to get involved. With help from her closest allies, Xingyin heads for the Immortal Realm where they encounter dangerous obstacles and find themselves in a power struggle. As fear spreads rapidly around them, she must face her deepest fear and uncover what it is she truly wants.

The writing is breathtaking, with an elegance that captures the beauty of the Kingdom through a visual style. A strong sense of humanity is at the base of the story, with Xingyin’s emotional journey woven throughout her physical journey. At the core of what she learns about herself is how she discovers happiness and where her heart is guiding her. Several emotional themes are featured throughout, such as self-discovery, longing, and grief, which are different layers to what makes Xingyin such a well-rounded character.
<brHeart of the Sun Warrior is a stunning read that feels like you’re stepping into another world and into an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Author Sue Lynn Tan
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 480 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 29-Aug-2023
ISBN 9780063031371 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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