Enlighten Me (A Graphic Novel)

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Standing up for oneself seems like doing the right thing. Binh did just that in the face of a racist school bully who was poking fun at his Asian heritage. But physically assaulting another student goes against school policy, and it was Binh who got in trouble. Binh shares a silent retreat with his family and younger siblings. Along with other children, he learns about stories from the previous lives of the Buddha. The stories are interesting, but for Binh, it is difficult to sit still and clear his mind when he misses his Gameboy. While he struggles with silence, he learns important lessons about friendship, community, and being present.

In the graphic novel Enlighten Me, award-winning author Minh Lê and bestselling illustrator Chan Chau tell the story of a boy who gains a better understanding of himself as he works on quieting the mind and reflecting on dharma. Lê and Chau highlight Binh’s inner turmoil in a relatable way. The book is fun and engaging while dealing with the difficult topic of anti-Asian racism and exclusion.

Enlighten Me is a must-read for Asian American youth who often have to negotiate their ancestral identities and heritage in mainstream American communities. Readers of all backgrounds will benefit from meditation strategies and moral lessons from the Buddhist tradition.

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Author Minh Lê, Chan Chau
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 19-Sep-2023
ISBN 9780759555471 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Popular Fiction


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