Death is Potential: A Kate Swift Mystery

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Death is Potential is a fantastic read for anyone who loves a suspenseful mystery with a cast of richly developed characters. US Marshall Kate Swift reunites with her friend and possible love interest, Tom Scott, at the Satori Institute, a wellness center and hot-springs resort set in a secluded area south of Monterey, California, in Big Sur. After Tom’s wife, Fiona, passed away from cancer, he decided to attend the Transitions workshop being given at Satori. Both he and Fiona had loved going to Satori. Kate is also attending the Transitions workshop to work on finding out why her relationships always seem to go wrong. What Kate and Tom don’t realize is that one of the Founders of the Satori Institute was found dead just one day before their arrival.

The book starts from the point of view of Detective Sergeant O’Malley and Detective Sanchez as they drive to the Satori Institute to investigate the death of Founder Malcolm Eastwick. As the investigation leads to suspected homicide, the detectives enlist Kate Swift to help them with their investigation after a fire breaks out and Highway 1 is closed off.

What I really enjoyed about Death is Potential is how the author drew Kate and Tom closer and closer together throughout the story but still stayed focused on the murder mystery plot. The character development in this book is phenomenal as the reader is allowed to “peek” into the Transitions workshop and learn all about each character and his or her background. It brings the reader closer to each character. This part of the book reminded me a lot of Liane Moriarty’s Nine Perfect Strangers, which is also set at a retreat center.

As more dead bodies start showing up, Kate knows she must be careful and watch her back. Having Tom by her side helps, and as they uncover clues to help the detectives, their bond with the other characters in the book helps to bring some light to the situation. Malcolm was not necessarily the nicest of persons and had a lot to hide.

Set in the beautiful backdrop of the Big Sur mountains, one can only imagine the peaceful air and surreal beauty that would surround an institute like Satori. Readers will enjoy the steady pace of Death is Potential, which combines mystery and suspense with a touch of romance thrown in. With themes of loss, love, and trauma, this book will have readers embracing every word they read.

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Author Bob Burnett
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 314 pages
Publisher Palmetto
Publish Date 22-Aug-2023
ISBN 9798822916869 Buy this Book
Issue August 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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