A Bridge Not Too Far

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The literary world today is awash with countless books and manuals promising many things, the keys to wealth, the insight into lasting health, better sleep, better business habits, etc. Each presents the author or contributor as a guru, a self-made innovator, who can help lead any reader toward financial or personal satisfaction. It’s a tired trend in our modern literature that the book A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation and its skilled author Deepak Ohri wisely avoid. This book easily rises about the crowd with its lack of grandiose self-importance, instead focusing on the personal journey of this one man.

A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation takes the reader into the inspiring life story of Ohri as he makes his way from his humble origins into the CEO of Lebua Hotels and Resorts. Each passage pushes away the usual tone-deaf concept of an industry expert selling a notion of success and instead shares himself with the reader. His struggles, his uncertainty, his hopes, and his weaknesses are all unmasked. It all makes for a surprisingly intimate read and a far more engaging literary experience than other books of similar themes. Throughout the book, the reader is met with colorful and humorous anecdotes about Ohri’s multi-decade career, the author taking us across the globe with him as he transforms himself into a confident industry leader.

The book’s narrative structure and breezy manner explore the guiding principles of Ohri’s keys to success. His innovative entrepreneurial spirit, the executive’s humanistic tendencies, and deeply human-centered approach to business. As the author remarks, in an industry where profit is often placed over people, Ohri has been committed to compassion, cultivating and caring for interpersonal relationships with clients and associates. This tendency towards higher ideals has enriched his life, career, and by extension, his entire industry. Ohri has a talent as an author to never take himself too seriously, as he refuses to hide his failings or learning curves from the author. The book’s title indicates that no dream is out of reach, but the author’s life lessons reveal that no success is a straight shot. To truly prosper, you have to learn from defeat, you have to let go of worrying about how you are perceived to hire the right people, even if they possess qualities you lack.

Ultimately, it’s a soulful, thought-provoking, engaging, and memorable journey into the success and heart of a single man.

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Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Waterside Productions
Publish Date 10-Jan-2023
ISBN 9781957807836 Buy this Book
Issue May 2023
Category Non-Fiction

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  1. Gaurav Dixit

    A book which changed my way of looking at things.
    This book is so special and so much of honesty. The author has been fair even in accepting the failures. I take learning from both success as well as the failures. Not many nowadays accept their defeat. I never did before but now I feel no shame in accepting my failures.

    Highly recommend.

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