This Is a Book About Noodles

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Brendan Pang has curated a delightful and approachable collection of recipes. While the main focus is a celebration of noodles in all their various types and forms, he also includes supporting and/or complimentary recipes to create a well-balanced experience. The book is both visually appealing and organized in a format that is easy to navigate. The photos are clear, appealing, and invite the reader to try their own variation. Nothing comes across as overly fussy or beyond the ability of the average at-home cook.

The thoughtful chapter topics provide Brendan the opportunity to educate the reader on the types of noodles in an easily digestible manner. I particularly appreciated the choose your own adventure options within the recipes. For example, readers had the option to purchase store-bought noodles or they could try their hand at making their own noodles. The same option was provided for sauces. This flexibility allowed the recipe to adapt from a thirty minute quick fix to a full afternoon project depending on your preferred level of involvement.

Overall, it is an excellent addition to any cook book collection.

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Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 168 pages
Publisher Page Street Publishing
Publish Date 13-Dec-2022
ISBN 9781645675785 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Cooking, Food & Wine